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Israeli biotech – Good for what ails you

Israel is the world leader in patents for medical devices, relative to population size, and second in the patenting of biopharm products, including pharmaceuticals and treatments.

Israel is eighth in the number of patents granted in the life-sciences industry, which may be the most amazing statistic of all, given the amount of time and money companies must invest in getting a product or technology tested and patented.


This week, the Israeli biotech industry was having its annual conference, the Biomed Israel 2011 show, sponsored by the Life Sciences Industries Association in Israel (ILSI), a nonprofit organization founded to serve and promote the goals of the Israeli life-sciences industry in the international arena. The show, which is taking place in Tel Aviv and is celebrating its tenth anniversary, has become a can’t-miss affair for top executives of pharmaceutical and medical-technology giants around the world. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

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LifeBond Raises $20m in a Third Financing Round

LifeBond, a biosurgery device company has completed a $20m fund raising, which
was led by Giza Venture Capital and Aurum Ventures. Also participating in the
round were existing investors: Pitango Venture Capital and Mr. Robert Taub,
GlenRock Israel and The Zitelman Group. LifeBond CEO, Ishay Attar said
“LifeBond is marching forward rapidly to provide solutions for major un-met needs
in surgery. We welcome the new investors to the company”


The start-up company LifeBond, which is developing a line of products in bio-surgery,
has raised $20million in a third financing round. This financing round was led by Giza
Venture Capital and Morris Kahn’s Aurum Ventures. Also participating in the round
were existing investors: Pitango and Mr. Robert Taub, founder and former CEO of Omrix
Biopharmaceuticals, GlenRock Israel, Leon Recanati’s investment company, and The
Zitelman Group. Dr. Yuval Avni and Dr. Dan J. Gelvan will join the Company’s Board
of Directors, following this investment round. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

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The Israeli Life Science Industry. 2001-2010: A DECADE of GROWTH

Following the big success of ILSI-BioMed Week: some data on Israeli Life Science industry.

The Israeli Life Science Industry is young and growing. Of the existing 702 companies, 56% were founded during the last decade. A closer look reveals that a quarter (173 companies) of the Industry was established in the last five years. Figure 1 depicts the trend and growth experienced by the industry in the 2001-2010, period. 306 companies were established prior to 2001, with the oldest one, Teva Pharmaceutical, founded in 1901. From 2001 to 2005, the industry experienced annual growth equaling 12%. In total, the industry grew by an additional 223 companies in the 2001-2005 period. In the past five years, industry growth has remained stable with approximately 40-45 new companies established, annually. Please note (i) that data depicts the number of companies established in the stated year and are currently active, and (ii) the data of 2009/10 is incomplete.


The industry’s growth has decelerated over the past three years due to the global economic crisis. Our data suggests that approximately 200 companies have ceased their operation due to lack of financing. Furthermore, the largest sector of the Israeli Life Science industry has been negatively affected by the changes in regulatory environment in the USA. Finally, the fear of the unknown embedded in the Healthcare Reform in the US has negatively impacted both corporations and investors, therefore affecting the pace of investment and the number of companies established in the 2008-2010 timeframe, and funds available to follow-on investments.

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Some photos from ILSI-Biomed




Photo credit: Ilan Levi

More photos are available at our Facebook page.

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On the opening of the Biomed Israel 2011 week

On the opening of the Biomed Israel 2011 week:
President Peres has announced the launch of a
brain research international centre in Israel –
to be headed by entrepreneur Dr. Rafi Gidron


On the opening of the ILSI Biomed Israel 2011 week(Monday, May the 23rd, 2011), President Peres has announced the launch of a new international centre in Israel, set to conduct brain research and to promote the neuro–technology field. Registered as a non–profit association, the centre will be headed (voluntarily) by entrepreneur Dr. Rafi Gidron, one of the entrepreneurs and founders of Chromatis, which, in the year 2000, was sold to Lucent for $ 4.8 Billion, together with representatives of the Israeli life science industry, senior academists, medical doctors, the Chief Scientist and the office team of the President of the State of Israel. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

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Shimon Peres to raise funds for Israeli brain research

President Shimon Peres announced at the 10th ILSI-Biomed Conference 2011 today that he will set up a non-profit organization to support brain research in Israel, which will be headed by Dr. Rafi Gidron. Gidron, a co-founder of Chromatis Networks, which was sold to Lucent for over $4 billion in 2000, is currently involved in volunteer work and invests in cleantech companies through his firm Precede Technologies Ltd.


The aim of the proposed NPO will be to shift the emphasis of research in Israel towards brain research through conventions, steering committees, and, most importantly, by raising money. The NPO will identify the most interesting and important subfields in brain research where Israel has the greatest comparative advantage, and raise capital to support basic and applied research in them via a range of research institutes, NPOs, and possibly young commercial companies. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

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Israel world’s top investor in R&D

srael is the world’s top investor in R&D as a proportion of GDP in 2011, according to the World Competitiveness Index of 59 countries by Switzerland’s IMD Business School. Israel is ranked 17th in competitiveness overall, the same as in 2010.
Israel was also ranked first by IMD in the functioning of central banks.


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ILSI-Biomed 2011: Israel’s Chief Scientist Reports a 430 million NIS Investment in Life Science Industries and Announces the Field as a Favored Sector

In 2010, the Israeli Chief Scientist approved a total of NIS 430 million in various program budgets. The R&D Committee alone considered 338 support applications from 193 companies for life science projects. 265 projects were approved for State assistance.


Statistical reports prepared by the Israeli Chief Scientist office towards the ILSI – Biomed Israel 2011 Week, which will open in Tel Aviv next week (May 23-25, 2011), show that the Chief Scientist helped support life science projects in Israel, with NIS 430 million in 2010. Avi Hasson, the Chief Scientist, will speak at the conference at the opening of the day devoted to young biomed companies. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>

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Abbott Diagnostics @ Biomed 2011


Abbott Diagnostics will be attending Biomed 2011 and is interested in discussions with potential collaborators leading toward the development and commercialization of novel IA/CC biomarkers in all therapeutic areas:
o Evidence of clinical utility
o Well characterized antibody development
o Preferably, a developed ELISA format
o Workable, defendable, global IP position

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