From the Diabetes Congress: Cells from the Patient’s Own Blood Recruited to Treat Diabetes


A  novel development, which utilizes blood donation as a source for development of tissue regeneration products will be presented in the first Bildrici International Diabetes Congress

Laniado’s Research Center in the Hematological department of Laniado hospital will present in the first Bildirici International Diabetes Congress, a novel development which allows the use of a simple blood donation unit as the source for development of tissue rehabilitating products or cells that can be kept as a biological ‘insurance’ in cases of emergency. The technology, which is being developed in collaboration with BiogenCell, also allows using the patient’s blood as the substrate for the production of stem and progenitor cells often used for tissue regeneration. Further potential advances of this technology will enable treatment of degenerative disorders such as brain stroke and dementia, which are also common complications in the case of diabetes.

The technological platform is based on adult stem cells with a regenerative capability. The cells extracted from the blood of adults would serve both themselves and for treatment in other people. In order of developing these products, the research center will soon go on to clinical trials to prove their safety and cellular regenerative potential in patients suffering from difficult complications of diabetes, and later on in heart diseases and other cardiovascular disorders.

The research center’s director is Dr. Shlomo Bulwick, and the team of the department for Stem Cells Research, lead by Dr. Yael Porat, includes Dr. Hanna Vise, Dr. Michal Pearl-Yaffe and Florina Visebin. “Our vision is for the immediate treatment for patients without a cure, while at the same time developing preservation techniques for dozens of years, of cells from the blood that will be used as a personal biological bank in case of emergency,” says Dr. Porat, who also notes that the development of the products, which include a syringe containing an emulsion of cells from the patient and ready for injection, and a freezing tube where cells are kept under refrigeration in liquid nitrogen as a biological bank for emergency, is performed at a high quality level while also strictly maintaining the safety of the product and its confirmation to the requirements of the regulatory authorities in Europe and the United States.

The research center is working in collaboration with the team of specialist medical doctors from Laniado hospital, Dr. Galit Sivak director of Vascular and Trauma Department, and Dr. Mark Niven director of the Endocrinology and Diabetes Department from the Bildrici Diabetes Center, to construct a development program which will fit to the medical needs of the patients. In the future, the research center’s intention is to collaborate in various clinical trials to give leverage to the academic research and improving and expanding the variety of treatments that the hospital can offer.

The first Bildirici International Diabetes Congress will be held in Israel on December 2009, and will focus on the application of research breakthroughs and medical knowledge to the everyday practice in the field of diabetes. The congress, initiated by the center for Bildirici Diabetes Center in Laniado hospital, is designated for professionals in the medical fields, medical services managers and researchers in the field of diabetes. It is held for the first time with the support of the American Academy of Clinical Endocrinologists.

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